Old Ork in Pullyup apartments - NPC


You see an elderly ork as big as Kaptin open an apartment door. He see you guys, nods in Ork solidarity and steps back in his apartment. He was wearing a t-shirt with a belly hanging out. He was in his 50’s you would guess.

Krunch: "Hay hay brudder, yahs seen anyting funny goin ons here in past hour or tree?

You see the door open a crack, “Come overs den.”

“Slip an old ork some creds and maybe he knows something.”

Khecha: "Look, Chummer… I’ll spot you 400, if the Intel’s solid. You shaft my omae, though, and you get 302. Grams. At high speed…

“The land lord has got a deal with some uppity man and has a basement safe house for types like yous guys, runners. He rents it out and they come and stay or do whatever. Me I saw these runners and dey were all wearing ganger colors but dey were no ganger. Dey looked more dangerous. Dey were carrying something big enough for a body in a wrapped up tarp or bag. Dey didn’t stay long but I didn’t see dem leave. Not wise to put your nose out to much in Puyallup. That should be worth your cred, right?”

“Thanks, I work down at a club by the mall called Shanks, ask for Zap.”

Ooc Khecha and Kaptin can now have a contact for Zap, 1 and 1



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