Pullyup Barrens

Puyallup also known as Puyallup Barrens is a district of Seattle, devastated by the Mount Rainier eruption decades ago. It is a poor and unsafe district.

Where Redmond is a nightmare of urban decay and gang violence, Puyallup is a post-disaster landscape reshaped by the violent forces of nature and abandoned by most of civilization. Metahuman communities and squatter settlements struggle to survive without many essentials such as power, clean water and proper waste disposal. Fine ash from Mount Rainier falls over parts of Puyallup like dirty, gray snow.


Population: 506,000 (estimated)
Humans: 48%
Elves: 21%
Dwarves: 4%
Orks: 22%
Trolls: 4%
Other: 1%
Size: 1,008 square kilometers
Population Density: 502/km2
Per Capita Income: 6,200¥
Below Poverty Level: 81%
On Fortune’s Active Traders List: 0%
Corporate-Affiliated: 18%
Felonious Crime Rate: Unknown
Less Than 12 Years: 80%
High School Equivalency: 16%
College Degrees: 4%
Advanced Degrees: less than 1%
Hospitals: 6
Local Telecomm Grid Access No: Local Telecomm Grid Access: 4206

Pullyup Barrens

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