Shadowrun: Seattle's Best

Our first job starts

Locate the missing Father Rinaldi

Jade Wire, you are hanging out at the Armadillo. As usual you hiding your lack of a cyberdeck quite well from the patrons. Your usual filters are up to prevent unwanted ARO’s (dirty pics of their junk) from them as well. Just as you notice a contact on your phone that you haven’t seen before, the contact icon starts buzzing and before you can accept or decline, a trideo intrudes on your primary screen.
You see a lady in her 30’s of Japanese decent, on the ARO it has her name as Posha. You also notice 2 other people on the communication.

Khecha, you are just parking you bike in front of Weapons World not too far from the Crime Mall. You had plans on trying to talk your friend there to let you test fire the Barrett Model 122 Sniper rifle they just got in stock, when your comm buzzes and then a trideo comes up with a Japanese lady with an ARO naming her as Posha, you notice it is a group call.

Kaptain Krunch, you just idled up to the bar new to you called the Banshee. The ork bouncer made you leave the katana on your bike, but let you keep your pistol. Just as you ordered a drink you get a comm call and you notice it from a Japanese lady name Posha. You are in a group call before you can even accept it.

“Konichiwa, I hear you guys need a job and as luck has it I have one for you. A rather time sensitive job and I need to know if you are in as soon as possible.

Posha says,"Alright, on to the promised details. We have a missing person. Father Renaldi who is a junior priest at All Saints Catholic Church. In his duties as a magical priest he goes on astral watch on regular intervals and during this time he was abducted from the church. As you may or may not know when your body is moved during while you are astral you only have so much time to return to your body. "

“So, here is where you come in. It is 8 pm now and and his body needs to be found by 3 am. He had a tracking device on him, but it stopped responding. It stopped responding here.(You all receive a GPS location on your map app, you know it is in the barrens)
You have 7 hours to return him to the church or get his astral persona to his body.”
(You receive a data packet with a picture of Father Renaldi, location of All Saints Church, each others’ comm codes and your agreement for your fee.)


Sit Rep: 8:30 PM May 26th Puyallup Barrens. 3 of the crew are at All Saints Catholic church, making an outside recon. None have yet to go inside. Waya, collapsing outside on the street is not the most discreet or safe thing to do. Khecha is on top of a 3 story build at the last known location of a RFID tag that belonged to Father Rinaldi.

Our first job starts

Sit Rep: 8:50 PM 3 of the crew are at All Saints Church, just finished up with some legwork. Another is on overwatch near the LKL. You might know as residents of Puyallup that it is not profitable for cabs to run at night here. It is now dark, with Acid/Toxic rain and just the ever present ash. As you leave the clean air of the church you put on a respirator if you have it. Waya does not have a mode of transportation.

Our first job starts

Sit Rep 9:05 PM Puyallup. The crew are in an apartment basement and are finding out what happened to the young Father Rinaldi.

Our first job starts

Sit Rep 9:15 Puyallup Shoot out at the apartment building is done. Aftermath situation is Kaptin is wounded. Waya is woozy. Jackrabbit is running. Jade is downstairs. The ganger is laying in the street. You have found a semi-broken commlink. A cross with its RFID crushed.

Our first job starts

Sit Rep: 9:30PM Puyallup. Kaptin just took off on his bike. Handling kinda funky. Khecha is on the roof of a nearby building. Waya and Jade are at the apartment building. Natives are getting restless. You start hearing shouting from the apartments.

Our first job starts

Sit Rep: 9:50 PM Eastern Puyallup. The crew is getting closer to the school. Questions enter your head. How should the crew approach? Any more ghouls left? Where is Father Rinaldi? Is this an ambush?

Our first job starts

Sit Rep: 10:10 pm Old, abandoned, ghoul infested, bloody, smelly, and dark school in Puyallup. No more hoots, howls, screeches can be heard. 1st wave of ghouls are dead.

Our first job starts

Sit Rep: 10:20 target aquired. Mission incomplete. Father Rinaldi is laying naked on the floor.

Our first job starts

Sit Rep: Mission Completed and you got paid to boot. You have a standing offer for 1 week to turn in some cred for gear at a 25% discount.

No sight of the drone, I assume you head to the Church. You reach All Saints Catholic Church. You give Posha a call and let Sister Fatima know you are heading there. She tells you to take the back entrance. Several suited gentleman come out with blankets and bring Father Rinaldi (official change) to his workroom. He soon wakes up. Sister Fatima hands each of you a credstick and it has 6000 nuyen on it. “For your quickness.”

9 karma a piece for all runners

Our first job starts
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