Kaptin Krunch

Big ugly Ork - PC









K7.JPGKaptin Krunch just got kicked from his mates gang, for a botched job and he was the scape goat. Da boss been looking fer an excuse for sometime to get rid of Krunch he was to much a threat to long term leadership. Potiential and all that jazz so this was the opporutinuty. Homeless in Pullyup sucks balls so Krunch is looking fer new mates and soemthing to pay him some scratch to get a noodle bowl or a coffin motel for the night. He aint good at much besides some sneaky sneaky biz and some pointy the gun at you and yell stuff. But he knows there is a market for that in the shadows.

Edge 2/2 Current

Condition monitor
1 of 12

2 of 10

Ammo 12/12 (49/60) Recoil at 0 of 5

Bike Damage 5

+6300 Nuyen +9 Karma

+100 Nuyen credit at WW. use for Gecko grip on Pistol (100 nuyen)

Things to buy:

Autoinjector, rng pg 84 1500 nuyen
Forearm guards RnG pg 73, 300 nuyen
Flashpack core pg 435, 125nuyen
Custom ballistic mask pg 74 rng, 300 nuyen
Helmet rng pg 68, 200 nuyen
Franchi spas RnG pg 41 1,050 nuyen
2 low light flashlight (undermount gun) rnG pg 54, 400 nuyen
Foregrip for SPAS 100 nuyen RnG pg 52

30 flechette rounds for SG, 205nuyen, core pg 433
Sling for SPAS 15 nuyen
10 rounds for ruger 101 20nuyen

4200 creds before discount, 3150 with 25% discount

Low lifestyle Dangerous area / Cramped -20% / -10% 1400 nuyen per month

Kaptin Krunch

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