Race Winters

Some media guy with a drone NPC


As you come out of the school you see a fairly large roto drone and it shines a light on you. On the the drone a holographic figure (typical trid reporter) appears. “Hoi chummers! Race Winters with Horizon Action News here. Why have you slaughtered over a dozen innocent ghouls? Do you know they are protected now?”

Khecha: “Did someone tell them not to attack, then? Or to not kidnap priests? Fuck off. I’ve got work to do.” OSOK on the drone.

You shoot and it swerves out of the way and flies behind the school as it moves off the holgraph asks “Did you know Rinaldi, sponsored by the the Order St. Sylvester, is responsible for the massacre of hundreds of ghouls?”

Khecha: “Did you know we don’t give a fuck, and you’re in our way? Here’s a question for you, asshole. Where were you when the ghouls nabbed Rinaldi? Where were you when ghouls attacked my crew? You lazy fucking bleeding heart, always willing to whine about injustice, but too lazy to get off your ever expanding ass and actually do something. Get the FUCK OUT OF MY WAY.”

The drone flies off ducking behind trees and buildings.


Race Winters

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