Sister Fatima

Cybered up nun - NPC


Contact within the Church to help us get leads on Father Rinaldi.

You notice with a perception test that Sister Fatima has a data jack and is that a synthetic eye?

Sister Fatima brings up an ARO for everyone to read, "As part of my vows, I took a vow of silence. However, texting is not speaking. I assume you want access to Father Rinaldi’s quarters and work room. Also I can bring up exterior camera recordings.

“We believe Father Renaldi went missing around 5:30, he started his astral recon around 3. If that is true and he still hasn’t reunited with his body then he can last until around 3 AM. Here is the footage.”

“Hopefully that is helpful. What you won’t find is him actually leaving. What I can tell you is someone is has it in for this Church. There have been a lot negative publicity lately. If you can keep his status out of the news feeds that will be great. I can see that you get a bonus.”

We didn’t do the job quietly as some media drone showed up, but We still got paid above our pay grade 6k Nuyen a piece.


Sister Fatima

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